Rocco for

Character designs of Rocco the rhino, background elements and a selection of icons for

Rocco for
For Compose i worked on this fun character design of Rocco the rhino and a selection of icons depicting the compose services.
You can find him at work on the website. 
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This is what Rocco himself has to tell; "Ah, hello. You may have seen me around the Compose site and wondered who is that handsome odd-toed ungulate. Now I have a chance to introduce myself, I'm Rocco, Rocco the Rhino, the Compose mascot. My full name is Rocco Das Nashorn and I'm an African rhino – you can tell because I'm big and have two horns – and I've been part of the Compose team for quite a while." Check out Rocco's full story over at
Series of holiday banners that were used on the compose website during those holiday periods.
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